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The capsule and paper seal and sachet are biodegradable and can be industrially composted in less that three months and are made from renewable materials! Each of these organic blends is made from coffee grown by passionate producers, who take good care of their land. These coffees are traditionally roasted to reveal flavours and aromas that reflect their place of origin.

All Nespresso Cap'Mundo Pods are carefully manufactured using only the finest ingredients to bring you the authentic taste and flavour of those top brands at the simple touch of a button. Call us on 059 91 34 455 to make an enquiry or book an appointment using Enquiry Tab below to view the Cap'Mundo Range at our showroom.

The full range of Cap’Mundo we offer:

cap mundo adenia nespresso com

Nespresso Cap’Mundo Adenia

A blend of washed Arabica grown in Northern and Central America, decaffeinated using water, with no chemical treatment. This natural, innovative process reveals the coffee’s true flavours and aromas. This harmonious blend is a perfect combination of sweet dried fruit notes and white pepper aromas.

cap mundo combawa organic nesp

Nespresso Cap’Mundo Combawa

A blend of Robusta and Arabica grown by co-operatives of small producers on volcanic land in Central America. Combines the richness and strength of quality Robusta with the delicate explosiveness of high-altitude Arabica. This coffee has a fantastic intensity that makes way for cedar, fresh walnut and sweet spicy notes.

cap mundo biloba nespresso com

Nespresso Cap’Mundo Biloba

Made with Arabica grown in Central America at very high altitudes, in forest shade. This environment means the fruit mature slowly, which is the secret behind the coffee’s aromatic complexity. The round, velvety liquor is strong and rich, with floral and yellow fruit notes.

All Nespresso Cap’Mundo Pods are supplied by the case. Call us on 059 91 34 455 or use Product Enquiry Tab above to order your selection of Nespresso Cap’Mundo Pods.

Please call us on 059 91 34 455 or 086 075 6994 or simply fill out the form below if you would like to know more about Cap’Mundo Pods. We’ll get back to you shortly!

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