Flavia - Coffee Heaven in Three Easy Steps

The Flavia Creation 400 is truly remarkable, it’s just like having a miniature coffee shop in your workplace but with drinks at a fraction of the cost. With over 25 inspiring drinks to suit every mood from a cappuccino or a latte to herbal teas or hot chocolate this great system has the lot.

Easy to Use and Simple to Maintain
As you can see above the Flavia Creation 400 is simple to use. The drinks station has a built-in user screen which gives clear and simple picture and text instructions to help you make the perfect drinks quickly with no mess and fuss. Because the machine uses the unique Flavia Freshpacks no drinks are mixed inside the machine which makes the system extremely hygienic and means that only a minimal amount of cleaning is required to keep the machine in perfect order.

Simple to Install, Just Plug & Go!
Because the Flavia Creation 400 can be filled with water by hand utilising the built-in water tank it could not be easier to install, all you need is a standard plug socket and in a few minutes you are ready to go. Of course if plumbing is available then the machine can also be connected to the mains water supply which will make having the Flavia system even more convenient.

Compact Size
Designed as a tabletop hot drinks machine the compact Flavia Creation 400 will fit under most office kitchen cupboards or can be supplied with the optional base cabinet.

Coin-Operation Module
If you wish to charge for drinks the Flavia Creation 400 is available with the optional Pay-Pod / Coin-Operation Module. You can charge one price for standard drinks and a higher price for 2 pack speciality drinks if you wish.

Tokens are also available if you would like to use them as hospitality for customers and visitors, or some companies choose to give staff a number of tokens for free drinks and thereafter they can pay for additional drinks.

Visit our Flavia Single Serve Brewer product page for more information about the machine itself.