Coffee Machine Leasing

Coffee machine leasing - Making great coffee easy for as little as €1.50 per day!

Interested in upgrading your machine?

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The Coffee Lady makes great coffee easy, as satisfied customers all across Ireland already know. Now we have a way to make it even easier, by offering all our coffee machines for lease as well as purchase.

coffee-icons-5By leasing one of our brilliant coffee machines, you can enjoy all its benefits for no initial outlay and minimal ongoing costs. A coffee machine can be leased for as little as €1.50 per day. For retailers, this is the typical profit on the sale of just one cup of coffee. This means that once you sell your first cup of coffee in the morning, you have use of the machine for free for the rest of the day!

Coffee machine leasing also makes great sense for office coffee machines, as it too is a low-cost yet surefire means of having the best machine for your needs available to all staff at all times.

Coffee machine leasing customers enjoy the same Coffee Consultation as any other. We bring more than forty years of experience in the coffee industry to offering you the best deal and best independent advice on the best machine to suit your needs, based on footfall, customer base, turnover, and other factors. Remember that we know good coffee, and we will make sure that is exactly what you will get.

Coffee machine leasing is available for periods of one year up to four years, and leases can be approved in as little as twenty minutes.