auto cafe bean 2 cup2

Thinking of Upgrading your Current Coffee Machine and you’re unsure what to buy ?

Well this Winter, look at the Auto Cafe Bean 2 Cup…A Coffee Machine with much much more….

  • Touchscreen Technology
  • 7 Different Coffee and Chocolate Based Drinks
  • Superb Quality Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha. Espresso. Hot Chocolate. Americano and Flat White,
  • Hot Water Button for Teas (including our New Herbal Offering )
  • Wider Choice = More Sales
  • Step by Step cleaning instructions on Screen
  • Low Cup Cost…= higher margins for you
  • Stainless Steel Parts means quality precision inside and out !

At only €6.50 per day or just 4 drinks per day will pay for this. And we will Give you 2000 drinks Absolutely free..

Go On .. call us to find out more!