Flavia Drinks Menu

The Flavia’s innovative brewing process enables us to offer an exceptional choice of over 25 single-serve drink options

With an unrivalled range of single-serve drinks, you can be sure that every client or employee will find their favourite drink without leaving the workplace. Our great range of drinks are the morning companion at the end of the morning rush, the afternoon lull and the late night in the office, helping bring people together to do great work.

At the Coffee Lady, we realise that tea is as important as coffee. Unlike many hot drinks machines, the FLAVIA® machine brews an unrivalled range of single serve teas to ensure everyone in your workplace can find their favourite drink. Over 50% of the drinks consumed on our largest sites are in fact tea!

However, the FLAVIA also allows you get creative and personalise your own speciality drinks – from chocolate lattes to hazelnut cappuccinos and authentic mochas.

Delivering the perfect drink every time is a priority for a company like yours – and we know that. That’s why we exclusively vend from pack to cup to ensure each delicious drink is absolutely fresh and full of unique flavour.

Visit our Flavia Single Serve Brewer product page for more information about the machine that flawlessly delivers all the drink choices!