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Keurig K-Cup Pods are for use in the Keurig K140 and Keurig K150P coffee machines and beverage systems. The range includes blends and flavours from some of the world’s favourite brands.


  • Barista Prima Coffee
  • Keurig’s own Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee
  • Twining’s Tea
  • Café Escapes Hot Chocolate

All K-Cup Pods are carefully manufactured using only the finest ingredients to bring you the authentic taste and flavour of those top brands at the simple touch of a button. Call us on 059 91 34 455 to make an enquiry or book an appointment using Enquiry Tab below to view the Keurig range at our showrooms.

The full range of Keurig K-Cup Pods in our offer includes

Barista Prima Colombia Medium Roast Lid

Barista Prima Colombia (Medium Roast)

A prized coffee, born of the mountains in a land steeped in the coffee-growing tradition. Accented by wondrously bright, bold tangy notes and a distinctive hint of walnut, this deep-roasted cup possesses a smooth, full-bodied finish.

Barista Prima Italian Dark Roast

Barista Prima Italian (Dark Roast)

A deeply dark delight, this blend epitomises the time-honoured Italian tradition of dark-roasted coffee house brews. Bold yet wonderfully balanced, there is a subtle hint of smokiness and a bright, clean finish.

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Light Roast Lid

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (Light Roast)

This is a great way to start the day. A snappy, crisp and tangy Central American profile meets the sweetness, body and depth of an Indonesian bean to create a classically stimulating coffee blend.

Twinings English Breakfast Black Tea Lid

Twining’s English Breakfast Black Tea

A blend that’s good at any time of day, and not just for breakfast. This is an age-old favourite for all who know that a good cup of tea is the most important element of any meal or break time. As the original Breakfast Tea, it carries the signature of Stephen Twining, who still works at Twinings, just as his ancestors did many years ago.

Twinings Earl Grey Black Tea Lid

Twining’s Earl Grey Black Tea

For years, Twinings has exclusively blended tea for the Earl Grey and his family – making their blend the only one with his personal stamp of approval. The Twinings Blend continues to make this afternoon tea a favourite with many.

Cafe Escapes Hot Chocolate Lid

Café Escapes Hot Chocolate

One sip of a Café Escapes Hot Chocolate drink, and you’re wrapped in a world that’s gorgeously warm and inviting. The experience is unbelievably creamy and unquestionably satisfying. It is the perfect way to linger in a moment of indulgent relaxation.

All K-Cup Pods are supplied in cases of 96 (four boxes of 24 K-Cup Pods each). Call us on 059 91 34 455 or use Product Enquiry Tab above to order your selection of Keurig K-Cup Pods.

Please call us on 059 91 34 455 or 086 075 6994 or simply fill out the form below if you would like to know more about Keurig K-Cup Pods. We’ll get back to you shortly!

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