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Great Coffee Range. Twinings Tea. And more. All can now be enjoyed by you, your staff, and your customers at the simple touch of a button, with the brilliant Keurig K140 coffee machine and brewing system. FREE COFFEE OFFER

It’s the perfect fit for:

  • Offices, meeting rooms/boardrooms, reception areas
  • Golf Clubs, Gyms, and other sports clubs premises
  • Showrooms and trade counters
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Hotel and B&B bedrooms
  • Your home & anywhere else where you’re serious about serving great coffee!

Simply choose a K-Cup Pod, pop it in the machine, select your serving size, push a button, and you’ll be enjoying a great-tasting hot drink in less than a minute – guaranteed. You can enjoy a FREE COFFEE from this great machine.

Also consider the Induction Milk Frother from our great range of Keurig accessories. You can use it to have fresh milk frothed automatically, so you get the perfect latte or cappuccino every time. Just choose your favourite coffee, add freshly frothed milk, and enjoy!

Contact Us on 059 91 34 455 or use the form within the Product Enquiry tab below to make an enquiry or book an appointment to view the Keurig K140 coffee machine along with all of our commercial coffee machines at our showrooms.

Why choose Keurig K140?

Reward your staff and yourself, and ensure clients and customers are satisfied, with the Keurig K140 Coffee Machine and brewing system. It’s a great way to make great coffee easy, by delivering some of the world’s favourite drinks at the simple touch of a button.

Keurig K140 now in Ireland!

Keurig K140 Coffee Machine drinks include

  • Barista Prima Coffeehouse (Colombia Medium Roast and Italian Dark Roast)

  • Keurig’s own ‘Green Mountain’ Fair Trade coffee (Breakfast Blend)

  • Twining’s Tea (English Breakfast and Earl Grey)

  • Café Escapes hot chocolate

The great taste of them all is captured in Keurig’s K-Cup Pods, where only the finest ingredients are ground, measured, and sealed in individual airtight pods, to deliver quality and freshness every time. Everybody will be able to enjoy a drink they love.


Other benefits of the Keurig K140 include

  • Compact size (only slightly larger than a kettle) means it will fit almost anywhere

  • Removable reservoir for easy filling from your tap

  • Low maintenance – needs cleaning only when ‘Descale’ light glows

  • Delivers drink in less than one minute

  • Choice of three serving sizes

Keurig is the leading single cup brewing system in North America. More than 17 million Keurig brewing systems are used in the USA each day. Now you can enjoy the Keurig experience in Ireland too.

Purchase a Keurig 140 Coffee Machine, and you’ll not only be improving the coffee experience in your office or home – you’ll also be helping to improve the world. That’s because of Keurig’s ‘Coffee With Heart’ programme, which has seen it win the accolade of World’s Largest Purchaser of Fair Trade Coffee for three years in a row, as well as award more than $10 million in grants across 17 developing countries.

Simply Contact Us on 059 91 34 455 or fill out the form within the Product Enquiry tab above to book an appointment and view the Keurig K140 coffee machine along with all of our commercial coffee machines at our showrooms… You’ll be glad you did!

Find out more here – Ten Reasons to Choose a Keurig Coffee Machine

  • Three cup sizes: 180, 230, 330 ml (6, 8, 10 oz)

  • Removable water reservoir, holding up to 1.4 litres

  • Drainable hot water tank, allowing for easy relocation and storage

  • Energy saving mode: switches off one hour after last use

  • Attractive design

  • Compact size: only slightly larger than an electric kettle

  • Ideal for the home, smaller offices (workforces up to 15 people), reception areas, conference rooms, etc.

  • Width (mm) – 241

  • Depth (mm) – 290

  • Height (mm) – 337

  • Weight (kg) – 6.4 (unfilled)

  • Electrical – 1830-2180W, 220-240V, 9 Amp

Here you can find links to posts, featuring Keurig Coffee Machines in more details.


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