NEW! Kenco Singles PG Tips Tea


Freshly filtered hot drinks made to perfection thanks to the unique capsule which works like it has its own filter machine.

  • Foil Seal for Freshness
  • Real Ground Coffee
  • Quality Tea
  • Suchard Hot Chocolate


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Now available – Kenco Singles PG Tips Tea.

Limited quantities available so get yours quick!

Kenco Singles Capsules

Kenco Singles Capsules are ideal for reception, boardroom, staff canteen, pubs, training & meeting rooms or showrooms.

Each capsule works like it has its own filter machine – but faster. A foil seal locks in freshness whether it’s real ground coffee, quality tea or suchard hot chocolate drinks. Once inserted into the brewer, hot water flows through the capsules via micro channels. As it passes over the roast and ground coffee it instantly delivers a freshly filtered hot drink – made to perfection.