10 Good Reasons to Buy Keurig Coffee Machines

Yesterday, a potential customer asked us for a good reason to buy one of our new Keurig Coffee Machines and beverage systems. We were able to give him ten!

Here they are:

  1. Affordability – Both the Keurig K140 and K150P are among the most competitively-priced machines we offer. Contact us for a quote.
  2. Convenience – Whichever Keurig model you opt for, it will produce your drink of choice in less than sixty seconds.
  3. Gourmet taste – A Keurig brewing system can deliver you any one of an extensive range of great coffee tastes and flavours, as well as tea and hot chocolate.
  4. The world’s favourite brands – Those flavours include market-leading Coffee Brands and Twining’s Tea.
  5. America’s favourite – Keurig is the number one single-up brewing system brand in the USA, where people are more serious and demanding about their coffee than just about anywhere else on earth. It’s America’s favourite… now it can be yours too.
  6. As much or as little as you want – A Keurig brewing system can deliver your drink in any one of three sizes (K140 model) or any of five (K150P), so you can always have as much or as little as you want.
  7. Compact – Both the Keurig K140 and K150P take up only a little more space than an electric kettle, so they will fit anywhere you want to serve great coffee and drinks.
  8. Easy to Use – Using the Keurig K140 is as simple as touching a button, and the K150P is easy as touching its screen.
  9. A pleasure at work – and less time away! You can’t beat the simple pleasure of a good coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Let Keurig deliver that to your staff at their desks, in meetings, or simply while taking a break, and you’ll have a happier and more productive workforce. It also means they’ll spend less time out of work, as they’ll no longer have to go visit the local coffee shop. They’ll appreciate the convenience…and the savings too!
  10. Support the developing world – Keurig is one of the largest purchasers of Fair Trade Coffee in the world, and also operates a programme that has seen more than $10 million given out in grant aid to 17 developing countries in recent years. Choose the Keurig brand, and you’ll be supporting that life-changing work.

Find out more

To find out more about these great Keurig Coffee Machines and their specially designed K-Cup Pods, just click one of the product links below:

Keurig K140 Coffee Machine

Currently Unavailable.

Great Coffee Range. Twinings Tea. And more. All can now be enjoyed by you, your staff, and your customers at the simple touch of a button, with the brilliant Keurig K140 coffee machine and brewing system. FREE COFFEE OFFER

It’s the perfect fit for:

  • Offices, meeting rooms/boardrooms, reception areas
  • Golf Clubs, Gyms, and other sports clubs premises
  • Showrooms and trade counters
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Hotel and B&B bedrooms
  • Your home & anywhere else where you’re serious about serving great coffee!

Simply choose a K-Cup Pod, pop it in the machine, select your serving size, push a button, and you’ll be enjoying a great-tasting hot drink in less than a minute – guaranteed. You can enjoy a FREE COFFEE from this great machine.

Also consider the Induction Milk Frother from our great range of Keurig accessories. You can use it to have fresh milk frothed automatically, so you get the perfect latte or cappuccino every time. Just choose your favourite coffee, add freshly frothed milk, and enjoy!

Contact Us on 059 91 34 455 or use the form within the Product Enquiry tab below to make an enquiry or book an appointment to view the Keurig K140 coffee machine along with all of our commercial coffee machines at our showrooms.

Keurig K-Cup Pods

Keurig K-Cup Pods are for use in the Keurig K140 and Keurig K150P coffee machines and beverage systems. The range includes blends and flavours from some of the world’s favourite brands.


  • Barista Prima Coffee
  • Keurig’s own Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee
  • Twining’s Tea
  • Café Escapes Hot Chocolate

All K-Cup Pods are carefully manufactured using only the finest ingredients to bring you the authentic taste and flavour of those top brands at the simple touch of a button. Call us on 059 91 34 455 to make an enquiry or book an appointment using Enquiry Tab below to view the Keurig range at our showrooms.

Get in touch with any questions you may have, and for details on how you can enjoy a FREE TRIAL and FREE SAMPLES visit this post – Introducing Keurig Coffee Machines. Savour gourmet drinks – for FREE!